Q2Music Composer Profile

Following my Ecstatic Fest appearance, Q2Music wrote a wonderful and beautiful profile of my music. I must say that I haven’t read anything yet that presents or describes such an accurate emotional connection to my works that I personally feel is very close to the goals I have with my music. I was asked to introduce some of my works which can be also heard online.  Here’s a short quote from the article:

Angélica Negrón’s music is a whisper. A young composer, she has crafted a small oeuvre of concert works, each suffused with a kind of compassion, as if regarding something very small and delicate, but without condescension. She samples tiny noises, seemingly trivial sounds, and turns them into music. – Daniel Stephen Johnson

Q2Music – Angélica Negrón: Infusing Magic into the Delicate and Remote


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