Mixtapes! Mavericks Mixtapes and NewMusicBox Mix: Spring Fling Edition

WXQR Maverick Mixtapes – Curated by Angélica Negrón

From WQXR:

For my playlist, I opted for soft but powerful voices from the Americas whose music I find transcending, refreshing, imaginative and captivating in various ways. I’ve been charmed and entranced in different moments in time by all of these pieces and to this day they still resonate in my memory, with a timeless essence that makes me revisit them over and over again. – Angélica Negrón

NewMusicBox Mix: Spring Fling Edition

From NewMusicBox:

At NewMusicBox we make it a point to feature as much great new music as possible, so we thought it would be fun to start our own mix series, built from some of the new and recent recordings that travel across our desks, land in our inboxes, and hook our ears out in the world.

With music by Angélica Negrón, Cenk Ergün, Drew Baker, David Crowell, and more.

WXQXR – Hammered! Hosted by Kathleen Supové

From WQXR:

When one thinks of American Mavericks, several names immediately come to mind: John Cage, Lou Harrison, Philip Glass, Steve Reich, John Adams, and a few others. In my series, I tried to focus on artists other than these, some of whom are underplayed, some young and not yet well known and some I believe to be Mavericks in ways that perhaps you don’t expect.

With works by Angélica Negrón, Terry Riley, Phyllis Chen, Tristan Perich, Joan La Barbara, Morton Subotnick, and more.

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Q2Music Composer Profile

Following my Ecstatic Fest appearance, Q2Music wrote a wonderful and beautiful profile of my music. I must say that I haven’t read anything yet that presents or describes such an accurate emotional connection to my works that I personally feel is very close to the goals I have with my music. I was asked to introduce some of my works which can be also heard online.  Here’s a short quote from the article:

Angélica Negrón’s music is a whisper. A young composer, she has crafted a small oeuvre of concert works, each suffused with a kind of compassion, as if regarding something very small and delicate, but without condescension. She samples tiny noises, seemingly trivial sounds, and turns them into music. - Daniel Stephen Johnson

Q2Music – Angélica Negrón: Infusing Magic into the Delicate and Remote


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NY Times review of Ecstatic Fest, listen to the whole concert, and more!

Ecstatic Fest was a great experience. Had so much fun and been so busy that I forgot to update my site these past couple of months. Our show got a group of great reviews including one from the New York Times. Also Brooklyn Vegan went to the concert and took a couple of pictures. Plus Q2 Music recorded it in its entirety and you can listen to it online! Full list of reviews and sources below.

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Q2 Music previews Ecstatic Music Fest at Greene Space

From The Greene Space:

At the nexus of the active, New York-centric indie-classical scene, Merkin Concert Hall’s Ecstatic Music Festival is a ground-breaking series emphasizing vibrant, adventurous ensembles and unlikely collaborations between composers from the pop and classical realms. In this its second year, the festival returns with a star-studded line-up of artists from diverse musical backgrounds. Hosted by WQXR’s Terrance McKnight, Q2 Music’s preview concert features music and conversation with Ecstatic Music Festival composer-performersJason TreutingAngélica Negrón, and Jherek Bischoff as well as a conversation with composer and festival founder and curator, Judd Greenstein.

More information here: http://www.thegreenespace.org/events/thegreenespace/2012/feb/01/q2-music-previews-ecstatic-music-festival/

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