Recent works


“Small Dream in Red” (2005)
“PSR” (2007)
“What Keeps Me Awake” (2008)

Small Ensemble

“Quimbombó” for Cadillac Moon Ensemble (fl., vln., vc. & perc.) (2010)
“What I’m Trying To Say Is…” for TRANSIT ensemble (vln., vc., bass cl., perc. & pno.) (2009)
“Drawings for Meyoko” for janus trio  (for fl., vla., hp. and electronics) (2009)
“Fulano” for Cygnus Ensemble (fl., ob., mand., gtr., vln. and vc.) (2009)
“Count To Five” for Iktus Percussion Quartet (2009)
“The Flying Trapeze” for woodwind quintet (2008)
“They Swim Under My Bed” for three violins and piano (2008)
“PSR” for accordion and prepared piano (2007)
“Círculo cromático en seis partes” for six violins (2005)
“Tres insultos para dos violines” for two violins (2004)
“En el recreo” for fl., bn., hn., sn., vln., db. (2003)
“Triste Silencio Programático” for string quartet (2002)


“The Peculiar Purple Pieman of Porcupine Peak” for piano and pre-recorded electronics (2011) *written for David Friend
“The Little Things” for toy instruments and live electronics (2011) *written for Phyllis Chen
“I Can Still Hear You” for accordion and electronics (2009)
“La intervención” for solo piano (2008)
“Columpio” for toy piano and electronics (2008)
“Technicolor” for harp and electronics (2008)
“Mercedes” for solo guitar (2007)
“Fuchsia” for solo piano (2008)
“Alguien sube por el camino inventado” for solo cello (2005)
“La bicicleta de cristal” for solo vibraphone (2003)
“Sueño recurrente No. 1: veo carros fantasmas” for solo piano (2002)


“FONO” for chorus and live electronics (2011) *commissioned by MATA Festival 2011 and written for Cantori NY
“There Once Was…” (2011) *written for Choral Chameleon
“Mi Lumía” for three female voices (2009)
“Parsimonia” for six female voices (2005)
“Pensamiento No. 1” for female voice and piano (2003)
“Catorce menos” for children’s voice and harp (2003)
“Malabarismos” for female voice and flute (2005)


“Casa Tomada” for chamber orchestra (2006)


“Jane’s Abduction” for chamber ensemble. Short clip from The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. (2008)
“Short Leash” for piano and electronics. Film directed by Anya Meksin. (2007)
“The Sisterhood of Night” for string quintet and harp. Film directed by Jeffrey Moss. (2006)
“Seva Vive” for orchestra. Film directed by Francisco Serrano. (2006)
“How the Dodo Became Extinct” for accordion, harp and electronics. Film directed by Shelley Dodson. (2005)
“Diario Vietnam” for string quartet. Film directed by Alfredo Rivas. (2004)

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